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100% of all donations go to sustain and improve our educational activities

We dream big.

Become the #1 Cultural Park in the Caribbean

We want to take our activities to the next step, extending our educational activities to tourists interested to dive into Bonarian culture. We want to offer the visitors of our island an authentic and unforgettable experience, bringing our history to live for them and at the very least take a memory of the vast cultural treasure of Bonaire.

An experience, with an impact, as 100% of our success will go to sustaining and enriching the education of our kids first, and then made accessible to the world through online learning platform. A rich archive of our elders knowledge to be passed on from generation to generation.

Mangazina di Rei Learning Center

Support our educational activities

Our basic government funding falls short for the investment needed to maintain our facilities and team to meet the growing interest for our education and community programs. The only way we see forward is to stand on our own two feet, creating an independent revenue model that ensures our financial stability. For this, we can use all the help we can get in the form of volunteers and, of course, donations or funding.

Rinconcito Cultural Center

We can see it in front of us. However, to bring it a life we need to build a few basic facilities such as a kitchen, arts & crafts atelier and a music conservatory. Are you a donor interested in helping us bring Rinconcito to life? We are more than happy to share our project plan with you.

Dive into Bonaire Cultural Park

The pride of the Caribbean

Our vision is to bring our history to live through interesting exhibits and engaging experiences. A wide variety of cultural experiences by day and storytelling sessions by night for tourists to properly see, feel and taste our way of life. Are you an investor who dreams big? Contact us or simply drop by to explore opportunities.